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The best female kissograms in Ireland and Northern Ireland

We value professionalism and quality, so our female kissograms are the best at what they do. We cater to both Ireland and Northern Ireland. We hope you are going to try our services to experience the expertise of our staff!

Coffee’n Cream has a large number of female kissograms from which you can choose. However, whatever choice you may make, we guarantee that every staff member of ours will enchant you. In addition to being physically gorgeous, our female kissograms will prove to you that they are extraordinary at dancing as well.

The Best Female Kissograms in Ireland by far

When you want to find the best female kissograms that we have to offer in Ireland, you should contact Coffee’n Cream. Our staff is only comprised of professional kissograms. Every single one of them has a background in professional dancing, modelling, pole dancing and lap dancing. For these reasons any type of event can become your own personal Las Vegas show.

Stag Party Kissograms

Every noteworthy stag party deserves to have there at least one of our kissograms. From a diversity of female kissograms that we have, you are able to find your ideal female kissograms. Let us know what you have in mind for your event and we will find the perfect stripper for your stag party.

Birthday Party Kissograms

Our female kissograms can deal with thematic birthday parties. Regardless of the theme, our kissograms can make your party even more special! Coffee’n Cream’s kissograms can be an ideal present for a special kind of birthday party like a 18th, 21st or 70th birthday party. Our female kissograms are specialised in making sure the guest of honour has a very special time.  

Christmas Party Kissograms

If you are looking for some sexy female kissograms for your office party in Ireland, we are here for you.

VIP Kissograms

All of our female kissograms are capable to provide a VIP experience. This experience can be booked immediately by you as a package. Our exotic dancers are the sexy performers you need for any type of special event. From topless waitresses, sexy hosts( there are topless and bikini options) to topless pole dancers, Coffee’n Cream’s  female kissograms can be the highlight of your corporate or private event.

In order to find a female stripper for your stag party, birthday party or any other event, please either follow the corresponding link below that represents the region that is the closest to where the event is going to take place or contact us directly and we will find the best options for you.

Please note that our strippers are normally available to travel all over the county and beyond so even if your town or city is not specified below, we will most likely have several options available for you. For a general idea about the main areas that we cover you could check the locations page also.

Find a female kissogram in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Select the region that you desire from the following list:

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Contact us now on 07756765622( you can use WhatsApp as well) or email coffeenstrippers@gmail.com to book your very own female kissogram experience! If you’re still spoilt for choice, we can make up a package deal just for you!
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