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We can provide you with glamorous female strippers in Balmoral, available right now for your party. These ladies can be employed through the region of Belfast, but they are locals to Balmoral. If you want to check our female strippers for the entire region of Belfast, please click above.

For making a booking for our female or male strippers, female or male kissograms, topless butlers, life drawing classes or hen parties as a custom package in Balmoral, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For any other locations that we cover and where you can find us in Northern Ireland and Ireland, please visit our locations page. On this website we focus mostly on our Ireland services, but if you are more interested in what Coffee’n Cream has to offer in Northern Ireland in terms of booking our female and male strippers, female and male kissograms, topless butlers, like drawing classes and hen parties, please visit the website

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